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By: Jess Canty

Hi Gang!

I was listening to a great podcast this week called Hidden Brian – and they did an hour on the importance of Checklists.

Essentially, the crux of the podcast was that many industries – from doctors to Stephen Colbert when he was at the Colbert Report – are starting to borrow the idea of the Pilot’s pre-flight checklist and implement and adapt it for their jobs.

Most of the story was about how these checklists help improve performance under pressure.

The idea is simple: most mistakes that are made by professionals are made because they are so confident in their abilities that they forget to take what seems like a minor step – but can ultimately have disastrous results.

Remember, many of these items are going to seem “mundane” or possibly “beneath” your experience level. But what this podcast talks about is that the very act of going through these each and every time sets your mind in a different place. Prepares you for the task ahead.


You can download, print, and cut up so that you can check these items off for EVERY. SINGLE. AUDITION. I recommend being a super-nerd and stapling a little booklet of each of these together to use for every audition. So you have one pack of checklists for each audition.

Just like a pilot or a doctor must do before every flight or procedure.

Now, of course the point of all of this is to help you improve your booking ratio. You will find a version of this number on the bottom of each talent report you get sent from Cinterra each month. (However, remember, it won't include auditions from your agent. That you will find in our quarterly audition reports).

But I thought it would be fun to also post our TEAM numbers. SO...

As of August 2018 we've had 500 auditions this year (yep I was shocked that it was exactly 500 lol) and here we go:

Avail/Pin Ratio: 2% (because avails are lame) Callback Ratio: 6% Booking Ratio: 6%

I'm pretty impressed and I think we can keep this number going up and up #teamcinterra

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