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By: Brian Gilleece


Ahmen, this business can be very frustrating. You know the feeling, some weeks you're out for great projects that could really move the needle for you, attending premiers, getting notices about your past projects, you're meeting great people, your work is lining up with your goals and it feels like you could be right there, and then the next week?Crickets. And it feel's like all your peers around you are having success...

AGHHHHH when is my turn or my turn again!

I know, It's hard, believe me, I'm right there with you, but it is our job to make sure we don't let that frustration become what happens to so many in this town, it becomes bitterness and that my friends is a very unattractive look. Ever have to sit and listen to someone talk about all the things that didn't go their way, or how they almost worked with Spielberg in the 90's. Excruciating.



Frustration is caused whenever we are blocked from achieving a goal by conditions or people that we cannot control. In the state of frustration, we are mentally somewhere in the future. This is often where we would wish to be. Focus your mind on what is here now in the present. You can do this by focusing on what is going on around you at this particular time. Maintain mental focus on the present for 1 to 2 minutes. This will pull you out of the time space where your frustration is originating from and plant your firmly in a real, objective present.

BREAK THE HABBIT: Being angry all the time can be a bad habit. This is often the case when you are used to blaming other people for your own mistakes instead of taking responsibility. Do you find your self in this pattern at all?

APPRECIATE THE THINGS YOU HAVE: The root of frustration is dissatisfaction. The lack of what you want annoys you and eliminates your peace. To eliminate frustration, you can begin by appreciating the things that you have. These are the things that you have already accomplished.

GET RID OF POWERLESSNESS: Whenever someone or something has power over us, we attempt to gain back control over the situation. If you have no way of doing this, you can feel angry and incapable, an effective way to get rid of anger is to eliminate powerlessness. You can do this by finding ways to generate personal power. In this way, you solve the root of the anger problem permanently. Play some music, hit the gym, write a project, create and control you're power.

WHAT CAN YOU DO RIGHT NOW: This focus on future accomplishment causes us to feel disappointed. One way to overcome it is to focus on what we can actually do right now. What action can you currently take to get you to that place that you desired in your future? What can you do right now to improve your situation? Is there another path to your target?

GET RID OF FEAR: When you experience this fear, it is easy to transform it into anger. The body takes a fight or flight response and you pick the fight option. You begin to fight back at what is scaring you and anger takes over. To prevent this from happening, the best option is simply to solve the fear first. What is really causing you fear? Is it within your control or not? Is it rational or are you exaggerating?

SO WHAT NOW? Anger and frustration are very powerful, yet negative emotions. They can cause you to make errors in judgment and performance that can cause lasting, negative effects on your goals.

Show business right now is in a state of flux, norms that traditionally have been are changing, media landscape is shifting and there is a level of uncertainty but there is also an influx of new opportunity and tremendous demand for talent. Check in with yourself, stay focused on what YOU can control and if you find your self feeling frustrated take initiative and step back to figure out why.

It might also help you be a happier person.


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