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Updated: Apr 15, 2019

By: Brian Gilleece

Unless your rollin' to set or have a great audition, sometimes Monday can feel ehhhh, that's why its so important for YOU to "find that motivation, find that inner strength, to not give up, not be a quitter" -Eminem (yup Eminem from the 8 mile sound track).

So lets check in with some great ways to BE YOUR BEST SELF!

1. TRY SOMETHING NEW THIS WEEK! You can’t let yourself become complacent. Fear of change is your enemy. Kick things up a notch by regularly trying something new and unexpected. Surprise yourself by pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone. Doing so will give your ingenuity and innovative side a boost. Plus, you will have discovered something new about yourself -- perhaps a hidden talent, or an ability to learn something you didn’t think you were capable of.

2. PURSE YOUR DREAMS Well hey, I think we all go this one down right? But it does not mean that we don't have to check in with it and see how we are doing! What is your ultimate dream? The thing you want more than anything? What is your true calling in life? These are some of the important questions to ask yourself in order to unlock who you are meant to be. Pursuing your dreams will give you determination to see your goals through, and will spark your creativity and inspiration. Plus, you will be doing something that makes you happy and holds your interest.

3. SUSTAIN THAT FIRE!! We all have days when we wake up just not feeling it. Those days when our brains won’t get going -- but despite being low on energy or inspiration, keep your motivation alight by taking time every day to reignite that internal flame. Read blogs and books or listen to TED talks or podcasts on topics that enthrall you. Write down your goals and post them where you will see them every day, so you are constantly reminded of your purpose, that's what your goals meeting with your Manager are for. Even people at the HIGHEST levels find ways to stay motivated. Jess boxes with Jennifer Love Hewitt who has been acting since 1989, I play in a hockey league with Jerry Bruckheimer, who's 70 something. These people are at the highest level STILL and have been doing it for literally decades, because they know what makes themselves tick, they know how to keep that thing inside them going, they know where their joy and motivation and passion comes from!

Keep a notebook and jot down ideas when something inspires you, take note of things that make you go DAM, yah, I'm alive. When you are feeling blasé or need a boost, take some time to revisit your old ideas. They may inspire you once more and help you regain your momentum.

4. GET THEM GOOD HABITS GOING People are naturally creatures of habit. These can be good habits that we have worked hard to instill, or bad habits that suck away our determination and leave us short of our goals. Building solid, reliable habits will keep you taking baby steps in the right direction and sustain you through lackluster periods. Good habits are important to creating your best self because they keep you moving forward when you’d rather be slacking off.

5. FABULOUS SELF CARE - YAS QUEEN! If you want to operate at peak performance, you must incorporate self-care into your daily routine. This one is funny because it's not just dudes on Queer Eye that seem to struggle with this concept in general. The number of actors I see who don't take this one seriously is way more than you would think.

I get it some of y'all have to work at restauraunts, bars etc..., but, seriously, get the hell out of there after your shift, get some sleep, eat an avocado. Unless your dream is being the manager of that restaurant, punch your card and be out, it is not your social club and "friends" are over rated. If I could teach a class at Santa Monica College on JUST this topic I would lol... Please. If I seen it once I seen it 1000 times. Take care of yourself.

Are you eating nutritious meals and getting plenty of sleep on a regular schedule? It’s going to be hard to feel your best if you are run ragged and are stuffing your belly with simple junk carbs and food out of a bag. Are you making time to exercise and stretch? When we work up a sweat, it releases the endorphins that build up with stress.

So maybe Johnathan and the Fab 5 can't come to your house and redo your closet and redress you, tell you you ARE handsome, BUT you're in a crazy creative field, with lots of folks who have these skill-sets. ASK FOR HELP if you need it, ask about their wardrobe, grooming habits, get a gym buddy to hold you accountable etc, create your own Fab 5 🙂..YAS.

Taking time to replenish your mind, body and spirit is paramount to sustaining mental health and giving you a sense of well-being. And that is key to becoming and maintaining your best self, now and over the long haul.

AND REMEMBER: Remember, Jess Canty, Sarah Baker Grillo & Bay Dariz are all VERY smart knowledgable, experienced folk who are here to shine light on aspects of you career that may need improvement, or attention but also on things you do very well.

They are in the business of developing you to your HIGHEST best self so keeping them in the mix as much as you can on photoshoots, class, training, questions, ideas etc... will only help get everyone closer to that "final product" sooner, and that's what were doing here right? 🙂

FIN: Look at us, off to a great start on another week! Go do the dam thing, This is the only week like this one ever!!!

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