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Be an Influencer

Updated: May 30, 2018

By: Brian Gilleece

Here is a little model on how we can help create our own "Luck" and indenify how to maximize our interactions with people.

Maximize = Get what YOU want.

THE 7 I'S TO INFLUENCING PEOPLE: 1.) Identify the results you want. - What are you Goals? Have you clearly put them out in the universe, are you held accountable to them?

2.) Illustrate your credibility. -Are you really F*ckin Good at what you do? Can you do it in the room? When given the chance do you take it?

3.) Invest the time in getting to know the people you wish to influence. -Do you know these casting directors? Know what they cast? Current news about their life? Their history?

4.) Invite them to share their ideas. -Do you take critique well? Do you ask for feedback from people who can help?

5.) Investigate options that lead you to common ground. -If you are not capitalizing, have you looked into why?

6.) Intend an outcome that meets everyone's needs. -Do you walk in KNOWING you can book or are you asking permission? The goal is for them to cast someone, is it you?

7.) Improvise as needed. -How well do you deal with change?

Probably a good idea to take a look at this and really think on it, even if you ARE doing well. Looking you goals and the challenges to achieving them dead in the eye is the only way to make progress.

PILOT is in full swing, Stay vigilant out there and be ready for any same day auditions which we have had several of already. Just handle your business.


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