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Updated: May 31, 2018

By: Brian Gilleece

A VERY THANKLESS JOB | LIFE OF A TALENT AGENT: -The majority of the day and the life of an agent is sitting in front a computer, meticulously combing through breakdowns in desperate hope of finding one for a client, choosing the perfect shot, perfect clip, writing the perfect note and submitting to casting.

THEN, if they really feel its a fit, calling to discuss the submission or calling in favors with industry peers who they have worked years to cultivate to try to get the actor seen, many times an unknown actor, many times and unproven actor and most often an ungrateful actor......

THEN their entire paycheck is predicated on the actor (some of the least reliable folk in the world) being as prepared and as good as they have rested their reputation on with casting...

MANNNNN, you know what the real insult to injury is of this profession....The fact that no matter how much work you do for a client, that client just might not be someone who books, or their look might no go OR they may just up and leave you for "Greener Pastures" and never show you a dime...Dam.

YIKES.......Seems like a group of people who could use a hug or at the very least, a THANK YOU!!

The power of THANK YOU is a real thing and in a game were separating your self from the herd of selfish, unsavy, scared and jealous people is PARAMOUNT, these two little words really do help. Give the article a read, its short, THEN toss your agent a note nothing crazy maybe just like below:

"Hi ___________, I hope pilot season was successful for you and your getting a bit of room to breathe now! Just wanted to let you know your work on my behalf does not go unnoticed, it is very much appreciated and please let me know if there is anything else you may need to help us get some wins. Thank you for your energy and dedication and I look forward to chatting soon!" -Actor

Put your own spin on it, but do it...Even if you don't like your agent.....Even if you're thinking of moving to another agency.


Do it.

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