Jack Shulruff

LGBTQ+ Horror-Comedy ROOMMATE WANTED Will World Premiere at Salem Horror Film Fest

Josh Millican

An edgy cocktail of shocks, suspense, and knowing, timely satire, Roommate Wanted is a comedic thrill ride showcasing a fresh and diverse cast that pits Maria, a strong-willed Black heroine facing an uncertain future and her own identity crisis, along with her carefree college roommates against their seemingly perfect new tenant, Dean, who is actually an escaped mental patient with multiple homicidal personalities. Now, Maria must face her own inner fears and step up to confront their murderous new roomie before his blood-soaked rampage overtakes them all! Roommate Wanted is written and directed by Michael McCartney and the film stars Angelique Sabrina White, MJ Garcia, Jack Shulruff, Ricky Cruz, and Isabela Valotti.




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